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Barnacle Barrier™ is a portable dry storage unit for your boat. Unlike a Boat Air Lift, This system allows you to keep your boat in the water while keeping it dry. This Patent Pending system contains your boat in a flexible frame that is equipped with a protective bottom barrier shield that goes beneath your boat. The system automatically removes all of the water your boat is sitting in, creating a completely dry environment for your boat hull while it is afloat! No dangerous lifting in any manor. Low profile design and ingenious function makes this system the most effective anti-fouling method for your boat! Barnacle Barrier™ is completely portable and simply ties to your dock with no installed hardware.

Barnacle Barrier™ Bottom Shield is exclusively made of a polymer coated Kevlar 29 material that is made to withstand the elements such as barnacles, bottom growth, sea slime, salt water, UV sun light and more. The flexible polymer properties of the bottom shield also resist excessive hard bottom growth and enables hard bottom growth to be easily removed by a scrub brush. Boat bottom cleaning technicians can clean your Barnacle Barrier™ if ever needed.

  • Keep your boat hull dry and protected without never ending toxic, damaging, value, fuel efficiency, and speed degrading bottom paint! This system is the best alternative to a boat air lift .
  • Boat Air Lift systems are very unstable and extremely dangerous for your vessels well being.
  • Don't continuously monitor puncture-able air balloons and inflation levels! 
  • Don't risk rolling your boat or flipping your boat with a boat air lift!

Boat Air Lift Alternative

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